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Our Roots

Meet Kayla & Nikki.


Kayla and Nikki are both originally from Nebraska and moved to Florida to enjoy life at the beach. Root Natural Soap began after its founders, Kayla and Nikki learned that lots of companies were making "all-natural" products that were actually full of harsh chemicals that can irritate the skin. Inspired by our love of nature and the outdoors, we started making soap and skincare products. 


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Our Roots 

We set out to make all-natural soap with natural scents that weren't artificial smelling. Many of the woodsy or nature scented soaps on the market were too strong smelling and usually targeted only towards men. Our mission was to create vegan, natural products that both men and women (and those with sensitive skin) could enjoy. 


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Our Products

Root Natural Soap is handcrafted in small batches in the USA using all natural ingredients. All of our products use packaging that reduces waste and promotes recycling. We never use harsh chemicals or fragrances. A portion of all sales proceeds are donated to environmental non-profits. 


We hope you enjoy! 



-Root Natural Soap


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